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Why We Exist?
I began Restoring Hope Counseling Services LLC, after driving through my community and realizing the devastation that surrounded us. I saw despair and a lack of motivation in the eyes of the people who are my neighbors. Mental illness is a real and changeable condition that seems to be an overwhelming obstacle for many people in this community. Restoring Hope seemed to be an appropriate title for what I aimed to bring back to the once viable community that I still reside in.

Restoring Hope Counseling Services LLC 
1435 Market Ave. 
North Canton, OH  44714 
Office (330) 861-2444
Fax (330) 453-7216

Sometimes life situations have a way of claiming the hope that fuel our lives. Here at Restoring Hope Counseling Services the goal is to help you to restore the hope that life's experiences has  depleted. 

We offer tools to assist you in gaining the ability to thrive.  Restoring Hope Counseling Services LLC is committed to providing quality mental health services in a friendly welcoming environment.  

We offer evening appointments and try to work around your schedule as much as possible.  

Call today to set up an appointment to get started living up to your full potential and  Restore the Hope for your future you once had!

Now accepting the following insurance plans.

Cash, Credit and Checks. 

Sliding fee scale available for clients who qualify.
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